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My To Read List for 2019

Hello, hello! I recently wrote up a To Read List for 2019, and I'm super excited to get started with it. Actually, I'm already working on it: currently I'm reading Eldest, the second book in The Inheritance Cycle. So far, so good. The goal is to read 10 books this year. I'm going easy on myself for two reasons: one, my main focus this year is on writing and editing Skrikare, and two, I'm just starting to really get back into reading. I don't think overloading myself with books this year is the right way to go, given the circumstances. That said, my list does contain more than 10 books - just in case I find the time to read more than 10. Don't want to leave myself scrambling for books mid-year, you know? We'll see how it goes. Here's a picture of the list: Yes, yes, I know: I'm behind the game in a lot of these books. College kept me from reading for fun for a while. No big deal. And the last three listed are series/trilogies, so I figur