Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Skrikare

As of today, October 6th, 2020, The Skrikare is published and available on Amazon! I worked on it for four years, and I've had Olivia in my head for about ten. It's hard to believe it's finally done and out for the world to see. This is my first published book, and nothing could have prepared me for the feeling when I held my proof copy for the first time.

Here's the cover and back-of-book blurb:

People want to use her as a living weapon . . .

Olivia Lavelle’s scream is deadly. No one knows why, but a skrikare is born only once every three hundred years, and she was born screaming.

The vakt, a race with the ability to cancel out all supernatural abilities, formed the Academy of the Vakt as a way to teach control to the skrikare, new vampires, and elementals.

When Olivia was born, the academy in Flagstaff, Arizona took her in, and Mason Lavelle became her guardian and vakt. His job is to protect her from people who want to use her power for their own gain—and when the Lunar Elements seek her out, Olivia's routine life is thrown into chaos.

I hope this book can provide anyone who happens to read it at least some modicum of joy and entertainment. 💜

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