Mythical Creature Encyclopaedia Intro

The Mythical Creature Encyclopaedia is an ambitious project that will take a vast amount of time. It will be taking lore from all around the world, from creatures commonly known to those in just one geographical location, and put them in one place, organized from "A" to "Z" in various pages.

The hope is to consolidate these lores together to allow people to have one spot where they can access all the information they'd need - whether just out of curiosity, for a video game or D&D enemies, for a novel, or anything else.

I'll be using plentiful resources in my search for answers. Any resources I find to be especially useful I add to the 'credits' page at the bottom.

If anyone has their own insight on lore and beings to offer, feel free to leave a comment on any post Bee has written here, or otherwise contact me. This project is very ambitious, and any help is welcome.

Hopefully, eventually, this will become an amazing resource for anyone who loves fantasy and wants to know about various mythical creatures. For now, enjoy what we have.

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