Also called lycanthropes, the modern werewolf is a human who can shapeshift into a wolf, usually during a full moon. Lycanthropy is often described as a curse. The specifics of the wolf form varies: sometimes, they're normal wolves, and sometimes they're monstrous wolf-like creatures who can walk on two legs or four. It also varies on whether they can control the shift between human and wolf or not, and if they can only shapeshift during the night of the full moon or if they can change at will, no matter the day. Sometimes the werewolf is aware of himself while in wolf form, and sometimes he has no control over the actions of his wolf side. Below are the most common traits of a werewolf, though not all werewolves have all these traits.

Werewolf Appearance

Human Form: normal human
Wolf Form: regular wolf, or a wolf-like creature who can walk on two legs or four

Werewolf Strengths and Abilities

Shapeshift between human and wolf forms
Super strength
Super speed
Accelerated healing
Enhanced senses

Werewolf Weaknesses

Moon cycle (if transformation is controlled by full moon)