Thursday, November 21, 2019

Writing Update: Skrikare Draft Four Finished!

So about a week ago I finally finished draft four of Skrikare: The Living Weapon, and the progress I'm making with this WIP is beyond exciting!

A lot of rather big changes were made, the main ones including getting rid of werewolves as a race (they held no purpose), and changing the way some of my magic elements worked. I also added a character ... which I realized as I typed that that I forgot to fit a mention of her in near the end, so excuse me while I go make a note for draft five. My bad - but at least there are future drafts still to come!

How many drafts, I have no idea, but that's okay because the process is fun. I do already have a list of things to fix/change/think about in draft five (as you could probably tell from my earlier realization), but I plan on doing a full read-through soon of the finished draft four and see if anything needs to be added to that list before I dive in. I'm not sure yet when I'll start that, but for this week at least, it's a no-writing allowed week so I can focus on other things ... like playing Pokemon Shield after work.

Yes, writing breaks are important! Yet I can't wait to get back to it. :D

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